Personal Development

Ever since I was prospected by an Amway rep years ago, i never forgot the importance of personal development in reaching your goals in business or personal achievement.

I never really developed a business with it, i only tried it.. and moved on to review more and yet more Network Marketing businesses over the years.

Being intrigued by the prospect of creating residual income and creating a huge network that would let me retire and travel around and share my story. Unfortunately, that never materialized despite of what I read and listened in my big tape and book collection.

Just recently, a lot of those lessons that i missed from those books and tapes begin to connect and I realized that I didn’t have the key ingredient which is; belief.

Even though i heard from all those successful people that; you have to believe in yourself. It didn’t matter how many affirmations or positive statements i repeated or adopted nothing changed my reality.

I had beliefs that created my foundation and beliefs that i didn’t know i had which were; you don’t deserve success, you don’t believe in yourself or you don’t even love yourself. That was the shocker. Over the years it was easy for me to get my stuff together and start something but i would just end up reaching half way to success and sabotage the whole thing.

I decided, before i embark on a new journey that i am going to take a good look at myself and start creating a foundation right from the start- starting with my core beliefs.

Of course you need tools to this, with a program that was created 14 years ago called Psych-K, gave me the opportunity to search my foundation and core beliefs that are locked in your subconscious mind…deep stuff.

Is it really possible to identify problems that you didn’t know you had, yes, and without years of talk therapy. Of course, i had my doubts and thought ” what kind of voo-doo is this stuff”. Even going through my first session with a facilitator, i was very skeptical and tried to go the opposite of what was supposed to happen.

I ventured even further and paid to go to a basic level workshop, i met some great, like-minded people who were on the same path.

Now, if you are in this same boat and very skeptical that you might find an answer that will work for you, just google or youtube it…. and don’t believe anything you hear or see until you have personally experienced it. It’s great, I am moving on.

Even though, I am not trying to sell anything.. I think it is just as important to share. I also know that if had all this ingredients ten years ago, i would rock and Network Marketing company out there. But my focus is going to continue with developing my websites and developing a LIfe Coach business to share the very same systems that help create and breed success, because none of us were  born with it.





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