Buying guitars online

Just type in “guitars” in your google search bar and you will millions of results, where do you start. Page 1 of course. For most people that don’t really care to know about marketing online, there’s a very good reason that a website is on page 1, because they are good marketers and they know how to get their sites to page 1 of google.

This may tell you a few things about them..

  • They know the products they are promoting
  • They know how to build great websites
  • They know how to get them on Page 1…this is called SEO
  • They are spending money to get to Page 1
  • They have spent a lot time researching and learning how to get their websites on page 1
  • They are going to find you the best deals on guitars
  • They only feature items on their site that will provide value

Not every site may have all these categories down, but most on the one’s on page 1 spent a lot of time and money on building their site’ reputation, so they are not going to put junky products on their site. Their site would be considered the same as a great location, like a mall and it is valuable real-estate because it will make that owner of the site a considerable return on investment.

You will not find too many scammers on the first page of the Search Engines, Google is making sure that they get rid of scammy sites that are just trying to game the system and any people that use the internet.

Until Next Time, Just Keep Shopping Online

G Monague


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